Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Informal assessment

In informal assessment people keep the record and observe the behavior and nature of individual using informal methods. It is very different from formal method where the people conduct various test or quizzes to calculate the performance of an individual. The results of informal assessment are basically based on the performance of any person. There is no use of data which is just opposite to the formal assessment where the results are given only on the basis of data which they get from the test or other methods. This way the physical and overall observation of a person is done which does not depends on their mental level.

There are many sample assessments available on the internet which could be easily downloaded; it could help the person to take informal assessment of someone if the person is not very sure what he should do in this process. There are even guideline and related questions given with the sample assessments which will make all the process clear to anyone who reads it. This could me very beneficial as all the evaluation is done on the basis of performance which reflects the actual personality of a person and will let him know the various fields where he needs to improve.

Sample self assessment

 Self assessment is often termed as the process of looking into oneself to get the important aspects which are very important for the identity of a person. It helps the person to increase the power of evaluation, enhancement and verification inside him or her. With the help of self assessment people will increases their self knowledge and it will also help people to focus on their uncertain self concept rather than certain self concept. Though, the process of self assessment can also damage the self esteem of a person, as it is more focused on their self view other than improving it.

People can improve their self esteem in the process of self assessments, if anyone is not familiar with the self assessment can take the help of sample assessments which can be proved very beneficial for anyone. These sample assessments can also be downloaded from the internet easily. There are many interesting interactions possible in the process of self assessment which can be proved beneficial for the person who is going through this process. In this process people would be able to find out new and different ways through which they can improve themselves and can lead a better life.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Environmental Effects of Trade Liberalization

Most of us are familiar with the concept of trade liberalization, isn’t it? As we all know, majority of the policy-makers make sample assessments and talk about trade liberalization in order to increase the pace of economic growth in the developing countries of the world. However, there are some detrimental effects of trade liberalization on the environment. To know more, just read on.

Unlike in the developed countries of the world, the developing countries depend primarily on agriculture in order to retain the balance of payments in their favor. This in turn is resulting in exploitation of different types of natural resources. In order to improve the trade volume, over-exploitation of natural resources is taking place which in turn is causing harm to the environment. Like for example, cutting down of trees for building factories, high-rise apartments, and so on and emission of harmful pollutants from factories is causing serious damage to the environment. As a result, standard of living is gradually falling in real terms.  

Hence, though trade liberalization is very crucial for a country’s economic growth and the effect of trade liberalization may vary from one country to another, due care should be taken to protect the mother Earth or else human beings will gradually become extinct.

Monday, 28 November 2011

Formative and Summative Assessments

A wide range of options are available for classroom assessments during administration of standardized tests to students. The two main categories that they can be divided into are summative assessments and formative assessments. Sample assessments can be obtained by browsing through the Internet.
Formative assessments consist of continuous assessments and observation in the class as well as reviews. This assessment along with student feedback is useful to teachers for they help in improving teaching methods during the teaching as well as learning process. Basically, this means that in the event of some students being unable to grasp the subject taught, the teacher can work out a method to enable these students to be able to grasp what is being taught. Similarly, it helps student monitor the progress they make through performance tasks and periodical quizzes.

Summative assessments, on the other hand, are used to assess how effective the instructional programs have been. It is normally conducted at the completion of an academic session. The aim of summative assessment is to judge the level of competency of a student after completion of a phase of instruction. The use of summative assessment lies in the fact that it enables the teachers to know whether the student has been able to master specific competencies and then determine the areas that may require more attention.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Assessment Technologies Institute Career and Employment

Have you heard of Assessment Technologies Institute? It is a renowned institute specializing in nursing education. The institute specializes in review and psychometric products related to nursing, entrance testing which has been standardized nationally, as well as practical as well as registered nursing comprehensives. The nursing examination of Assessment Technologies Institute helps in assessing a student and helps the nursing educators to assess the knowledge of the student with respect to the nursing process, skills and critical thinking ability. Every student is assessed in about eight areas of study during their entire nursing curriculum and finally, at the end of the program, the students have to sit for a comprehensive assessment of all the subjects. You can also browse through the sample assessments for getting an overall idea.

As we all know, nursing students come from various age groups. Like for instance, some of them may be just teenagers, some may be in their middle ages, whereas others may be young mom and dad. Moreover, some find learning during the day easier whereas there are others who study during the night. Also, there are some who can learn from books and others who prefer online learning. The various learning techniques of this institute have been designed to teach in the manner individuals prefer to learn. What else? You can also get lucrative job offers in this institute in various fields.

Monday, 1 August 2011

How appraisal and Assessments differ

People believe that appraisals and assessments are the same thing and are of the same amount. But in reality they are of different nature. Let’s see how they differ.
An appraisal is an approximate market value and the appraiser may find out different ways to come up with it. When an appraiser estimates the market value of a home he compares his price to the other similar properties recently sold. The appraising property is given the maximum weight age. A special feature of an appraisal is the value at which both the parties agree to buy and sell the property, that is, the contract price.
An assessment is the taxable price that the local government demands of you for the property. According to some people, the values of these sample assessments are equal to the market value and for some they are the percentage of the market value. An assessment can very well differ from the actual price of the property. It is entirely on the hands of the jurisdiction as to whether they want to raise the assessment value or lower them. The fickleness of the assessment values does not earn it much high favor among people today.

Home safety assessment for Senior citizens

With old age, a person looses the ability to cope up with difficult surroundings. They become weak and dependent. The one thing that they should be always accompanied with is ‘safety’. As most of the accidents occur in their home itself, a thorough planning about the home safety of an elder person should be done to avoid certain unfortunate events. 

Sample assessments like these home safety assessments are done to provide full security and comfort to old people so that they can easily carry out their daily chores without much difficulty.  Home safety assessment programs attempt to transform the living environments in home and other public and private places. To facilitate this process, these assessment programs have come up with several handy accessibility products for the kitchen and bathrooms. 

A bathroom is perhaps the most vulnerable area where there are lots of chances for an old person to slip down leading to disastrous results. Curbless accessible showers and grab bars are some of the equipments which help a person during their bath. In kitchens, the counters, slabs, and sinks are arranged in a very easy to use manner. These products are easy to use and enable a person to be safe while using it.