Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Informal assessment

In informal assessment people keep the record and observe the behavior and nature of individual using informal methods. It is very different from formal method where the people conduct various test or quizzes to calculate the performance of an individual. The results of informal assessment are basically based on the performance of any person. There is no use of data which is just opposite to the formal assessment where the results are given only on the basis of data which they get from the test or other methods. This way the physical and overall observation of a person is done which does not depends on their mental level.

There are many sample assessments available on the internet which could be easily downloaded; it could help the person to take informal assessment of someone if the person is not very sure what he should do in this process. There are even guideline and related questions given with the sample assessments which will make all the process clear to anyone who reads it. This could me very beneficial as all the evaluation is done on the basis of performance which reflects the actual personality of a person and will let him know the various fields where he needs to improve.

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